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First blades are being shipped

The first 2 Matsukaze blades are ready to be shipped to Europe for polishing and fitting and should be on their way soon. But right now it is “Golden Week”…

Blade and Hamon photos

Manuel took some great pictures of the Matsukaze blade and its beautiful Gunome-Midare Hamon. Enjoy!


Another detail squared away. Gustavo has picked a nice (yet reasonably priced) Sageo for the first Matsukaze. The one you have seen in the pictures with the “illustrative” Saya is…


Like with our box, we have opted to go beyond the generic (or fascinatingly gaudy) Fukuro in which most Katana are usually delivered. Handmade in Japan from vintage Kimono cloth…

The box

A sword like Matsukaze deserves better than a cardboard box! Therefore we have chosen to have special boxes made by a German company. The boxes are made from basswood and…

Sad news

I am writing this post with a very heavy heart. Last week on Sunday, our friend and partner Christophe Siliacus passed away as the result of a short and grave…

Update 07.02.2023

Gustavo has finished Tsukamaki and has taken some fresh pictures of Matsukaze. Right now, the Saya is only for “illustrative purposes” as we are still waiting for the actual Saya…