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One of the two Matsukaze, currently being quenched, is SOLD. So only one is left. If you want to be the first to own an Matsukaze, this is your fast lane to one. Both blades are Shinogi-Zukuri, Wazori,  of 2.45 Shaku length and sport a Chu Kissaki. If you want one, drop us a line at

Millenial Tradition

Matsukaze is forged in Seki/Japan by a licensed Katana-Kaji, Ono Kanemasa. All blades are signed by the smith on the Nakago and come with individually calligraphed papers, documenting its provenance. Kanemasa works in a tradition going back a 1000 years and is an internationally acclaimed blacksmith.

Modern steel

While Tamahagane is certainly beautiful and has been the steel for Katana for many centuries, it clearly should not be the first choice for a pratitioners' blade in the 21st century. Therefore, Matsukaze is forged from traditional Japanese Shirogami 3, an excellent steel with properties similar to AISI W108 (Or DIN C80W1).

Finest handmade Koshirae

Matsukaze features beautifully handcrafted Tosogu by Manuel Coden (Koden Tosogu) with a wide range of options regarding materials, tachniques and finishes. All swords are carefully integrated with hand-carved and -wrapped Tsuka and Saya by Gustavo Mastalli of Katana Customs.


Almost all aspects of both the blade and the Koshirae can be made to fit your taste . Nagasa (length), Sori, Kissaki-type and other aspects of the blade can be adapted to your specs and also the Tosogu can be customized allowing you to get YOUR Katana, and not just a Katana.

Ono Kanemasa

Meet the smith of Matsukaze

Chris jumped on his bike and rode to Seki to meet his friend Shin for an interview about himself, his work and his path to becoming a Katana smith.